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if anyone wants the url to my new personal, do feel free to drop in a nonanon ask ^0^

I will no longer update on this blog, but will keep it for resources, so feel free to unfollow :) 

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Anonymous asked: what's your new personal?

drop a non-anon ask and i’ll give it to ya. 

i’ve been having a creeper problem for awhile and i’d rather not publicly post my new one :<

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moved personals. feel free to unfollow this one. 

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What were you doing when you got the call that you were gonna be Superman? (x)

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au: mortal arwen and immortal aragorn
→ requested by uruvielnumenesse

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someone recommend me a yj rp group to join

i think i’m going to do an ask artemis blog too

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bahhhhhhhhhhhh i can’t do it i feel terrible i’m just going to make another personal ;——;

i’ll be using both

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i’m blocking the majority of people i know irl from my tumblr and changing my url

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